A'priori are Tony lang (Vocals/guitar), Mouse (Drums), Mark Stuart (Keyboards).

We are a Blackpool based trio with a unique twist on Hard rock. The bands musical style focuses on hard hitting catchy riffs, memorable choruses, powerful drums and keyboard wizardry that blends the entire sound, better than a Bass Guitar ever could. Supporting the likes of Inglorious, Dorje, Stone Broken, Supersucker, Eric Bell, Dave Evans and playing festivals and venues all over the United Kingdom, A'priori are set to revolutionise Hard Rock as we know it. They have recently set the bar with their latest music video release Better Man, which has since featured in Hard Rock Hell magazine, HRH Radio, Planet Rock and many other platforms. Their upcoming album Black Church will be one not to be missed!

"Blackpool based three-piece hard rockers A'priori are back with their brand new video Better Man. The track combines hard rock with a classic rock style infusion, raspy vocals, groovy riffs, and soaring guitars that creates a sound that sends you back to the 80's when we discovered some of the biggest rock stars today!" Natalie Asteria, TAG Publicity

”In life every man at some point, usually more than once, has a moment or moments when they fall into a circle of destruction, self-pity and laziness and can’t see past their nose. Everyone around them suffers for their ignorance and WE inherently tarnish ourselves as bastards.

In this song, we aim to portray an apologetic and almost desperate plea for forgiveness, as tomorrow is a new day and there is always another chance to be a Better Man.” - Tony Lang (vocals/guitar)

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A'priori give the pure rock fans what they need and desire. With exhilarating guitar solos, raspy, powerful vocals, beautifully harmonised bass and the pounding heartbeats of the drums, A'priori will leave you begging for more!